Anticipating the perfect loan process is like expecting a ride on a New York subway with one stop, an open seat and absolutely no bumps along the track.  Not gonna happen folks…

Fact: Lending is more challenging than ever. As a mortgage professional I can tell you there’s no place for the simpler lending practices of old. More regulations have been put in place to safeguard YOU.  With that in mind, understand we can offer you minimal stops; that open seat; and maybe just a few bumps warranting notice without jostling you along the way.

Look, the mortgage process is more like a financial obstacle course. Some loan are easier, some more difficult, some may require more time or training. Your Loan Originator is like your coach. Get to know your coach’s style, level of experience and method. Do you understand each other? Loan Originators jump through all the same hoops by taking the same national exams, keeping up with the same continuing education requirements. This is where the similarities often stop. Choose carefully! You need to be prepared for any possible challenges that lay ahead. Discuss a good plan of
action. Work together!

So here are a few important factors to consider when you are ready to take the leap into the competitive world of mortgage lending:

  • Consider a referral from your realtor. He/she has researched and tested out different lenders prior to meeting you. Make no mistake, somebody scraped a knee or sprained an ankle to find the right lender to offer. You’ll save yourself several curse words and bandages from that experienced advice.
  • Listen to your Loan Originator. We want you to be happy, but more importantly we need to ensure your transaction reaches completion on time. This is what you hire us to do. Timing and detail are critical. We are truly on your side!
  • Understand that the climate we live in today demands detailed personal information. We don’t want to mind your business, but we have to. Don’t worry we don’t need your shoe size or blood type…yet.

Buying a home or refinancing doesn’t have to be scary if you have the right lender to guide you.


Jennifer Engelsen

Sr. Loan Advisor, 
American Liberty Mortgage, Inc.

(863) 940-3488 [Office]

(863) 255-9097 [Mobile]

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